Higher Learning in the Digital Age


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Table of Contents

Higher Learning in the Digital Age


The Forces of Change

The Age of Knowledge

Forces of Change

Forces on the University

Financial Imperatives


Changing Societal Needs

Market Forces

The Skills Race and the Need for žHigher Learning

The Skills Race

Some data points

Educational attainment of U.S.Population

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Another issue ÷

Information Technology and the Future of the University

A Detour: The Evolution of Computers

From Eniac

To ASCI White

Implications for Research Universities

Information Technology and the Future of the Research University

NAS/NAE/IOM Steering Committee

NAS/NAE/IOM Steering Committee


Some early conclusions about the evolution of information technology

The Evolution of Computing

Some Extrapolation of the PC

Some Examples

Computer-Mediated Human Interaction

Evolution of the Net

Another Way to Look at It ÷

Some Other Possibilities

A Case Study: the University

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The Plug and Play Generation

Some Interesting Statistics

Teaching to learning

IT-Mediated Distance Learning

A Concern

The Digital Divide

The Impact of Technology

Some early conclusions (continued)

A Social Transformation

Another perspective ÷

The Restructuring of the Higher Education Enterprise

Market Forces

Two contrasting futures

Scenario 1

The current monopoly


A quote from a venture capital prospectus

United States Higher Education žSystemÓ

The Evolving U.S. Education System

Contributions of the Research University

The Knowledge Industry

The Core Competencies of the University


How Should Universities Handle Content?

A possible future

Some implications

Scenario 2

A Society of Learning

Key Characteristics

Evolution or Revolution?

Some quotes...

The Key Policy Question

Concluding Remarks

A Renaissance?

Some Further Speculation


2009 (continued)


2019 (continued)

2019 (continued)


2029 (continued)

2029 (continued)


By 2099

By 2099 (continued)

Many milleniums hence ÷

Author: James J. Duderstadt

Email: lkarels@umich.edu

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