A Tale of Two Futures


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Table of Contents

A Tale of Two Futures

A Quote ÷

The Themes of Our Times

Several quotes...

Two contrasting futures

The Forces of Change

Financial Imperatives

Changing Societal Needs

Another issue ÷


A Detour: The Evolution of Computers

Some Theorems of the Digital Age

The Evolution of Computing

Some Examples

Computer-Mediated Human Interaction

Another Way to Look at It ÷

Evolution of the Net

Some Other Possibilities

A Case Study: the University



The Plug and Play Generation

Teaching to learning

The Impact of Technology

The Role of Markets

Scenario 1

The current monopoly


A quote from a venture capital prospectus

A possible future

Some implications

Scenario 2

A Culture of Learning

Key Characteristics

Evolution or Revolution?

The Key Policy Question

United States Higher Education žSystemÓ

Some žSystemic IssuesÓ

Some Caveats

Economic Development

The Competition

An Action Agenda

An Action Agenda (continued)

An Action Agenda (continued)

The Michigan Strategy

A Time for Experimentation

The Michigan Experiments

The Michigan Philosophy

The Media Union

The Millennium Project

The Millennium Project Space

The Michigan Knowledge and Learning Network

Concluding Remarks

A Renaissance?

Author: James J. Duderstadt

Email: lkarels@umich.edu

Home Page: http://milproj.ummu.umich.edu/

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